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At Faction Martial ArtsKickboxing, and Muay Thai Academy your child with receive all the benefits that learning Martial Arts can achieve! With our World Class instructor’s, your child will benefit from the most amazing learning and character developing that can be achieved by a program. All of our instructors have been Live Scanned so you know that your child is in good hands. We are the only academy in the surrounding area that background checks all of our coaches and Kickboxing staff. I have 3 children myself, and would want to make sure that they are in good hands, have good role models, and not put them in harms way by having them with coaches that have not been background checked.

Some Benefits of Muay Thai Kickboxing classes for children!

1. Self-Defense

The instructor’s at Faction Kickboxing Academy have been trained under the world’s best athlete’s and coaches. They now bring this information to your child and teach them real world self defense techniques to learn the proper way of defending themselves. Having their hand in or being head trainer’s for some of the top MMA or Muay Thai athletes in the world, Our coaches will pass on the same knowledge on to your child. Our basics curriculum of proper exercise form, punching and kicking techniques, and evanding and defensive tactics will send your child into a speedy incline of learning self Muay Thai Kickboxing for self defense!

2. Self Discipline and Self Control

 Our instructors are masters at having your child learn how to be responsible for their actions. Through games, drills, and mat chats the kickboxing coaches teach your child much more about themselves than just learning the proper kickboxing and muay thai techniques. We require the student to follow rules at home and be productive in school as well as the Kickboxing Academy!

3. Health and Fitness

Healthy living and being physically fit are just as important in a childs development as  a little human. The coaches pass on their knowledge of what is a good and healthy diet, and how to be fit ,along with showing them and teaching the child how to make the right choice of foods. In our classes the students get lessons and test on proper fitness techniques for a child and how much in recommended for healthy living.

4. Bully Busting

At Faction Muay Thai and Kickboxing academy we educate children on what it is to be a bully and how to deal with the situation. We all know bullying can be detrimental to a child’s development and therefore do not wish our child to be bullied or be a bully! They learn how to use words and posture to ward off a bully as well as build the confidence to protect themselves and deal with bullying situations.

Get your child the best Self defense, Kickboxing, and Child development lessons in North San Diego County available

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